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BEYOND is a music installation made for exhibitions organized at DODONA gallery in Prishtina and Center for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade (1997)

RePiano Series explore live performance piano sound driven through digital computer multiplification and manipulation. Written for and performed at "ReMusica" contemporary music festival in Prishtina (2006-2009)

One of the most important friendships and music collaborations in my life is the one I had with Shaqir Hoti.

An extraordinary human being and an incredible musician.

We started playing and performing together mixing our influences, ideas and worlds. He loved improvising and combining jazz with traditional albanian folk music and instruments that he built himself. He built thousands of instruments and experimented with all sort of materials and techniques.


We planned to record an album together. Sadly, he died recently from covid. I have some recordings of his made in my studio while we were planning and experimenting with tunes. Here are two of them. 


documentary film music

During the war in Kosovo she lost her husband and sons. As a visual confession the black-and-white documentary shows repressed memories.

Film: Vimeo link

MALL - short film,


a sketch for strings

Older pieces on Internet

"bhool" (2001)

"daasi" (2001)

"1000ms" for piano and virtual instruments, live performance, ReMusica(2005)

"qyteti po rritet" - music for theatric play (2006)

"qyteti po rritet" #2 - music for theatric play (2006)

"reminiscence" - music for a TV film (2007)

"jazzed twinkle" - arrangement for a multimedial childrens book (2005)

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